Friday, January 11, 2013

Fall & Winter 2012

Owen has been a busy boy these last 6 months.  As of 2.5 years old, he is unofficially potty-trained... meaning he goes when we put him on the potty and stays dry, but won't tell us he has to go.  We started on a three day weekend, put him on every 20 minutes on Day 1 and increased the timer each day depending on his progress.  He wore undies from Day 1 and wore a diaper at night and nap.  He got a sticker for each time he sat on the potty, which was a lot!  This seemed to motivate him pretty well, although he has been sitting on the potty for the fun of it for almost a year now.  By Day 4, Owen had the hang of it.  Day 5 he did not nap and we had 5 accidents!!!  ugh!  Things got better thankfully :)

Around Christmas we decided to transition to a toddler bed.  Our primary reason for the change was his safety.  He had climbed/crashed to the floor from his crib twice and had mommy worried.  The first few days were really tough, because Owen loves the freedom to climb out whenever he feels like it!  Not fun.  We were/still are frustrated when he gets out of bed and thinks it is a game.  He is being persistent about wanting to drop nap time, but his red, puffy eyes and crabby behavior after lunch say otherwise.  Supernanny suggests a Star Reward chart for Staying in Bed, so we have been trying it for the last 2 weeks to see if it helps.  He gets a star if he stays in his bed at nap or bedtime, three stars equals a reward of his choosing.  So far he has earned ice cream & a show and a trip to the library.  Things have improved since the reward system was adopted, so we are going to stick with it for awhile!

Owen is looking forward to welcoming his new sister, Eva Marie, on February 1st, 2013.  He likes to feel her move in mommy's belly and say her name like in the movie Wally, Eve-aaaa.  We will be starting a new blog for the future updates-

This fall was wonderful!  Owen, our curious one, loved being outdoors and exploring.  It is pretty neat to see the new things he does each day.  His favorite things to do outside is pushing his wagon all around the yard and putting things in it, wearing daddy's work gloves, using a spray bottle with water to spray things, going on Gator rides and playing in the gravel pit with his trucks and loaders.  Owen had his first set of stitches in October- 3 of them.  He tripped on a step and hit the edge of the Gator, not a good day :(  He was a trooper though!  Halloween was spent in Siesta Key, FL .  Owen dressed up as a bunny- Andy's old costume- he did so well!  He said 'trick or treat' and thank you at each stop.  He loves candy but did not love people in scary costumes or masks!