Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Winter & Spring Pics

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21 months!

Owen has been doing really well since the last update.  As you can see, it is getting more difficult to photograph him sitting still in the car bean bag.  The gloves helped me get an authentic smile.  Owen loves gloves, especially when someone else is wearing them!  His personality and vocabulary has really exploded these last few months.  He knows hundreds of words and learns so quickly!  The one he likes to say the most is 'taco'.

Owen has developed some amazing talents, as well.  #1: He is able to locate the moon in the sky, saying 'moon' and pointing right to it every time (as long as it is out).  #2: He can do yoga moves, a front roll and push-ups.  #3: Pretending to ride the dogs is a lot of fun (see pictures in next post).  #4: He gets a gold star for effort in trying to carry ALL of his trains & cars at the same time... but cries in frustration when he can't.  #5: He can tell us his first AND last name, and does best in a knock-knock scenario, "Knock-knock.  Who's there?  Owen.  Owen who?  Dursch." #6: He can hear a sound from his bedroom and identify the appliance, without seeing it.  i.e. the coffee maker, dishwasher, toaster 'pop', the mixer, and the food processor 'cheese'.

Abilities & Info:
-weight: 20 lb. 11 oz.
-clothes size: 18 months pants (for length, but they fall down), 12-24 month shirts
-running ability developed around 20 months
-agile enough to walk in the woods over sticks
-climb up and down stairs with ease
-getting better at self feeding with a spoon and drinking from an open cup
-can slide down the slide without assistance
-using the potty for #1 at bedtime, not consistently
-says "up please" when he wakes up in the morning
-starting to say "please" and "thank you"
-loves to watch and play with other kids
-can open doors in the house
-loves to throw trash away and help wipe up spills

Health info:  Owen has stayed relatively healthy this winter.  Just a few colds and strep throat.  Nothing quite like last year!  We are still working with an occupational therapist on his eating mechanics.  He is still really weak in the jaw and has trouble breaking food down to swallow it.  We cut up a majority of foods into small pieces and mix it with a soft food, like applesauce, sour cream, ranch dressing, etc.  We are also adding heavy cream and butter to milk and foods to help pack on the pounds.  We see the OT every other week now to work on his bite and strengthen his jaw.  Things have improved for the most part since we began seeing her in November.  Stay tuned for more pictures!