Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas Pics

18 months!

What an AMAZING age! Owen is growing up & learning so fast! Sorry it has been awhile since the last posting. We have been super busy just having fun :) Owen is doing wonderfully these days. His eating has been a lot better. We started seeing an Occupational Therapist on a weekly basis in November to work on a couple of things. The OT has us doing two exercises several times throughout the day - brushing his body and working his jaw with a teether toy. These exercises are helping to improve his chewing and allowing him to be more tolerant to various textures on his face and hands.

Fun stuff Owen is up to these days:
-walking full time (he started right around Christmas time)
-saying all sorts of words (favorites are "trash", "boom", "downstairs", "bath", "this")
-showing an interest in puzzles
-loves gloves and hats, especially when others are wearing them
-sporadically using the potty to #1
-helping unload the dishwasher and wiping up messes
-opening & closing doors
-favorite toys are trucks, farm stuff, tractors and blocks
-popular books: Pajama Time, John Deere Farm ABC, Colors, Moo Baa LaLaLa, Goodnight Moon
-sticking out his tongue and saying Ahhh when we brush his teeth
-popping bubbles has been a nice distractor while eating

Christmas was a special time for us. Andy & I discovered the joy of the holiday is even better with a kiddo. Owen loved the lights and presents and playing with all of his cousins. Watching Owen's tentative steps turn into a confident walk was the greatest present for us :) We are truly blessed to have a healthy little boy walking around!
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