Wednesday, October 5, 2011

15 months

Owen pulled his tube out in September :)  He was eating pretty well and is beginning to really enjoy food.  He is on an appetite stimulant - Periactin- to help his with his hunger.  I feel this has really helped him. The dietician also told me to start giving him more high calorie foods like oatmeal cream pies, nutella, cakes, cookies, etc.  I struggled with this at first, mainly because I want him to eat healthy foods, but also because if the foods are in the house, Andy and I eat them :(  When we weighed Owen in 2 weeks after pulling the tube, he had gained almost a pound!  He now weighs about 18 1/2 pounds.

Other exciting news:
-Owen got his first pair of shoes
-he took his FIRST SOLO STEPS at 15.5 months!!!
-he says clock, mom, daddy, yes, shoes, bath and hat
-does barrel rolls across the floor
-gives kisses
-can stack a tower 8 blocks tall!
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