Tuesday, June 28, 2011

12 months = 1 year!!!

A year. Wow.  I feel as if I have wished my pregnancy and Owen's first year away.  I was always looking forward to the next doctor's appointment to make sure everything was okay or to determine what was wrong.   My hope for the next year is that I spend each day worrying less and focusing more on making the time last a little longer!  Good luck, right?

We have yet to throw Owen's big first birthday bash (not that we were planning on a huge party).  We have not been given the go ahead to allow him to eat foods, so no cake.  So far he hasn't seemed to miss it :)  When he is cleared, we will give him a cake to dig into for photos for all of his fans out there to see.

Owen spent the weeks leading up to his birthday with both sides of his family.  We went to Outer Banks, NC with the Leuzinger side and Siesta Key, FL with the Dursch side.  The trips were wonderful.  Owen was a great traveller, sleeping most of the way.  He took his first swim in the pool and the gulf and loved the warm water.  He tasted the sand a few times and decided it was delicious.  His favorite part of the  two weeks was spending time with his awesome grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  We can't wait until the next family trips.

Cool things the O-dog is doing:

-GROWING even more!
-weighing 17 lb 3 oz and is 28.25 in tall
-pulling up to stand at the couch & play tables
-'cruising' on the couch and ottoman
-picking up things off the floor & eat them (keeping mommy on her toes)
-making some of the motions during songs
-2 more teeth are busting through
-playing by himself for extended periods of time
-being curious about everything
-making funny faces, like shriveling up his nose
-finding things he shouldn't be playing with
-pulling out his toy box and digging in

At Owen's one year appointment he got 4 shots and had blood drawn.  In addition to the typical one year CBC panel, Owen is being tested for food and environmental allergies.  The Dr. said these can be determined with a blood sample now.  Nice!  It will be interesting to see if this results in any allergies.

Happy first birthday Owen!  Mommy & Daddy love you!

Pictures coming soon.

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  1. Glad to see he is growing bigger-cute pictures as always-I am happy to see the tests are starting to give you some answers which I know the both of you defintiely want to know-he sounds like your typical one year old with the things he does-always hated waiting for those teeeth to come in-Katie found out she is going to have another girl-so two granddaughters for us-they think two is the magic number and they are probably going to stop-I went with Becky for my first retirment study-gives me alot to think about-keep the site updated I like being able to keep up with his progress-our best wishes for all three of you--Dennis (and Becy and Scott too-speaking of Scott he officially now a senir:)