Sunday, June 26, 2011

11 months

The 11 month mark came and went very quickly.  School was winding down for me.  I had taken off the last several weeks of work (school) to care for Owen as he began his tube feeding.  I felt very overwhelmed for sometime with the vomiting and tube, but things are calming down a bit.  I made a big decision to take a year of leave from my position at work to be at home with Owen while we get all of this craziness straightened out.  I am happy with my decision and think it will help Owen get better faster :)

Here are all of the cool things Owen is doing:

-weighs 16 lbs. 0 oz. and is 28 in. tall!!! (almost a 2 lb and 2 in increase)
-standing and trying to walk when his hands are held
-making more sounds, associating them with things, like dad and the dogs
-rolling a ball better
-running in his orbiting exersaucer - it is hilarious!
-scooting on his belly and dusting the floor like a maniac
-popping up to sitting with ease
-drumming on everything
-still napping 2 times a day

Pictures to come!

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