Friday, May 13, 2011

The Story of the Tube

If you remember, Owen was sick in the 9 month post.  They said he had pneumonia again.  He still doesn't sound any better.  He continues to vomit and has lost his appetite.  At 10 months he was 14 pounds 4 oz and 26.5 inches.  We met with a GI specialist to look into the throwing up thing.  They classified him as failure to thrive, which just means he has fallen below the growth curve he set for himself.  We met with another dietician that put him on a high calorie diet- adding butter, cream and olive oil to meals, and making the formula 32 calories per oz. instead of the standard 20.  He continued to vomit and began refusing to eat- showing us by clamping his mouth shut and turning his head.  We took him out of daycare on May 6th with the hope of keeping him healthy. 

After two weeks of the giving a thumbs down to the new diet, they decided to put an NG tube back in for the feeds he does not take.  We are back to feeding him 7 times a day with four ounces at each sitting.  (This would give him 28 ounces a day- he was taking an average of 12 ounces per day.)  Whatever he doesn't take by bottle goes in the tube.  The tube has been a bit more challenging this time as he likes to move around and squirm.  We have become wiser with our strategy as the days pass.  We have found the exersaucer or bouncy seat to be wonderful inventions for the feeds.  They keep Owen pretty distracted while we are messing around with the tube.  The first few days it took two of us to execute them, but now I think we have it all under control (until he throws up- then things get a little crazy again).  We have little plastic storage containers all over the house, so we are always steps away from catching the mess before it hits the floor.  It is quite the talent!

The doctors would like the tube to stay in for at least a few weeks.  The hope is that he will become healthier as he puts on weight and gets the adequate amount of calories.  Then, he will begin to eat on his own again with an appetite like his father.

Owen does pretty well with leaving the tube alone.  He has managed to only pull it out one time so far.  Andy had to put it back in and did a fantastic job!  (So glad it was him and not me!)  Wish us luck with keeping Owen entertained enough to not mess with his tube :)  We'll keep you posted on the progress.

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