Sunday, April 10, 2011

9 months! Spring!

Can you believe it? Owen is 9 months old now. He has been pretty funny lately when he is not sick. Making new noises and giggling :) He has been sick the last couple weeks with broncholitis (again- Mr. Wheezy), vomiting and an acute ear infection. (We had to cancel our Spring Break trip to Chicago to see the cousins...) Hopefully the warmer weather will eradicate all sicknesses from his body. Owen has 2 more new teeth on the top middle- making a total of 4 teeth. I didn't notice them until he began to grind them one day, what an awful sound! In his 9 month picture he is laughing at the dogs, Monty and Mayo. He really loves them right now! He thinks the coolest thing ever is when Mayo chases the stick.

New things this month:
-new teeth
-not liking to nurse at all
-standing at the ottoman
-making noises while I read Brown Bear to him- I guess they are animal sounds
-still loves to be outside
-turns things over to drum on them
-getting pretty good with his feet, grabs the ball to bring to his hands
-eating finger foods, like cheerios, green beans, cheese

At Owen's 9 month appointment, he weighed 13 pounds 15 ounces and is 26 1/2" long. He is doing pretty well on the height, but the weight is below the 3rd percentile. We went to see a dietician to help put on some pounds. We now have a plan to sneak in extra calories at every meal and are trying to add more protein every day. We haven't been too successful since we saw her, because he has been throwing up once a day since then. He hasn't gained any weight unfortuneately.  We will keep you posted.  Happy Spring!

New pictures in the album!

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