Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cute Sweater from Mary :)

Thanks Mary!  It is so pretty!  Matches his eyes :)

8 months... such a big boy!

Owen has been doing great!  No sicknesses for a few weeks other than a little cold.  He is growing a lot.  26.5 inches and 14.8 pounds.  A two pound gain in the last month!  Whoo hoo!  Owen eats about 1/2 cup of food at each meal now.  New foods we have been trying: avacado, mango, blueberry yogurt, egg, chicken, diced peaches, strawberries.  He seems to love anything we give him :)  Good news for us!  I hope he keeps it up.  He doesn't want much milk from the bottle now so we are thinking of trying the sippy cup.  Right now he isn't strong enough to lift it up to his mouth or coordinated enough to get it there.  Maybe another month will bring this new skill.

Things Owen can do now:
-reach for things
-say da-da
-play with finger foods but not feed himself consistenly
-put weight on his legs for awhile when we hold him
-loves patty cake and itsy bitsy spider
-turn over from back to belly and turn over to get things
-shake his head back and forth like he is saying 'no'