Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sicko... poor Mr. Owen :(

Owen has gotten just about every sickness going around day care so far this winter.  This weekend he started out with a cold, sounded a bit raspy and wasn't eating very well.  When he woke up on Sunday morning he sounded terrible- deep chest cough, working really hard to breathe, wheezy, lethargic, less wet diapers, not eating much and not being Mr. Smiley.  So we took him to the pediatrician on Monday. They gave him a breathing treatment- albuterol because his Oxygen saturation was low and it didn't help, so they sent us to the hospital.  They checked him out and ran some tests- determined he has RSV (the cold virus).  This led to
bronchiolitis- swelling and mucus buildup in the smallest air passages in the lungs.  He also developed pneumonia from this.  So, we have been at Cincinnati Children's since Monday. (We have been running into a few familiar faces.)

They are treating him with aggressive suctioning in the nasal passages and throat- he hates the ladies in the yellow gowns and shudders at the word "suction".  Although, he has done very well for them during the procedure- he holds his head very still while he is screaming...  Also, they have been putting him on and off Oxygen.  His blood oxygen saturation levels have been running a little lower than normal.  He has been off for most of the day.  He was on IV fluids to keep hydrated, was eating better, so they took him off, but now he is back on because he doesn't want to eat.  He has been vomiting a little bit to try to get the mucus out.  Poor guy looks so sad.  It is so hard to watch his little body in such rough shape.  We just want happy Owen back :)  He is resting right now.  Hopefully he will be on the mend soon.  They say days 4 and 5 are the worst and I think today is day 5.  He is sounding a little better.

Mom and dad have both been with Owen the whole time.  Glad our jobs allow us to be with him when he needs us most.  Hope everyone is well!  Stay healthy and wash your hands!


  1. Thanks for the update- we are sending happy thoughts your way for Owen's speedy recovery!


  2. Do hope Owen is getting better everyday. I'm sure he will be back to his smiley self very soon. Take care of yourselves.


  3. So glad that Owen is doing better and is home! We are dealing with RSV,RAD and Bronchilitis too, these winters are so rough on the babies.