Monday, October 25, 2010

First Trip to Siesta Key!

We are currently on a little vacation in Siesta Key.  Owen had his first plane ride.  I was 18 years old the first time I flew on a plane... Owen 4 months.  What a lucky guy!  He did fantastic.  People were complementing him on his excellent behavior.  He ate and slept the whole flight.  I hope we are as fortunate on the return flight :)  He balanced things out the night we arrived though.  He didn't sleep at all during the day, I guess he was trying to take in all of his new surroundings!  He cried (very loudly) for about 5 straight hours and would not go to bed (7-midnight) so we did a middle of the night call to the doctor for the first time.  (Sorry Dr. Eberhart!)  We concluded that he may be in pain, so he suggested giving him a little bit of medication.  We sent daddy out for a late night trip to the drug store.  Owen was asleep within 30 minutes of taking the meds.  He has been better ever since... thankfully.

We have gone on a few walks and spent a little time on the beach.  Things are a more restful now that Owen is back to normal.  Andy is getting some reading in and I am working on lesson plans.  Whoo Hoo!  We have been taking Owen everywhere with us.  Vacations are very different when you have a baby with you!  We would go for more walks on the beach but Owen is a big baby when it comes to the wind and we are being very cautious about keeping him out of the sun.  He has tender skin like his mommy!  Owen likes his new Pea Pod Travel Bed- it is like a little pop up tent for kids under 2.  We took it to the beach also to keep the wind, sand and sun off of him.  It worked pretty well, except for the sand part (since Siesta's sand is so fine).

We have added some pictures in the album from Owen's first visit to the beach and village of Siesta Key.

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