Sunday, October 3, 2010

15 weeks! 3 month pic :)

We are a little behind... but here is Owen at 3 months! He has had a few milestones recently. He can now lift his head and likes tummy time :) YAY! He laughs out loud and makes a high pitched squeal when he thinks something is funny. He is infatuated with his hand and loves to stare at it and try to jam the whole thing into his mouth. He has started to narrow things down to one finger at times and usually goes for sucking on his index finger and thumb of his right hand. He loves to talk to us and will get actual words out soon! He sleeps for six hours during the night from 9-3. Pretty nice! The goal is to get it to about 8 hours by the time mommy goes back to work in November. Wish us luck!

Owen's new friend Julia was born Friday and we cannot wait to meet her! Owen had his first Durschtoberfest experience and met several new people. He was the hit of the party and barely spent any time with mommy and daddy. The root beer that he helped make was delicious! We have posted some new pics in the album of the last few weeks. Enjoy! Happy fall!

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