Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Daddy!

Today was Andy's 30th birthday :) We had a wonderful weekend with family. The weather was superb- 70s and sunny, with a nice breeze. Owen LOVES it outside! Andy's whole family got together for Labor Day weekend and the birthday- even his brothers from Chicago and Las Vegas! Owen got to play with his cousins JD and Ellie for the first time and survived having trains choo choo on his head :) He sported his Miami Polo for the game... but the Redhawks lost... boo. Still, he looked pretty cute.

Some milestones this week-
Owen licks and chews on his right hand. He likes to lay on the floor and coo, talk and smile for an extended period of time. He really liked nursing every two hours for the past week, but is back to every three hours now, thankfully. We attribute it to a growth spurt. Owen is getting better at laying on his tummy, but still working on the head lifting thing. Also, we have stopped using SwaddleMes at night since he squirms and fusses in them (see picture in album), so we moved to a wearable blanket.
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  1. Happy late 30th Birthday,Andy!! So glad you had a wonderful weekend- and aren"t you both so blessed with that beautiful little guy!! He is growing so fast! I can't believe all the new things he is doing now! Well, looks like I really need to get over there so I can get acquainted with him,before he turns 1 yrs.old!! :) hugs,jayte

  2. We would love to see you soon Jayte! Happy Birthday today!