Sunday, August 22, 2010

Smile Factory

This little man is smiling like crazy now. It makes mommy happy :) He is so fun to watch and play with. I am glad I get to be home for a while longer to hang out with him some more. My teacher pals and students started back to school this week. I went in for Open House to see the kiddos. They all had grown up so much over the summer!

Sorry to all of our devoted followers out there. We did not get around to posting last weekend :( Been having too much fun with Owen! He has been doing awesome. Making huge strides in the feeding arena. He has been nursing full time now for an entire week! We are so proud of him. This is so much easier on mommy- maybe this is why Owen is so happy... because mommy is happy! (notice that in the picture he loves mommy) He turned 2 months this weekend. We will post pictures soon in his car. Owen and I spent the weekend at Gma and Gpa L's house because Andy and Grandpa Strayer were working on installing a 16 foot band of windows in mommy's soon to be amazingly, beautiful kitchen. The house is still a mess, but the windows are a spectacular sight!

We go to the pediatrician this week for a checkup, weigh in and some shots. Shhh.... don't tell Owen.
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  1. Thank goodness that the blog is back.
    He smiles for Grandma, too.
    Cute kid!!!

  2. Love the outfit , i hope he has a "I Love Daddy" outfit also-maycie has a "Grandpa Rules" outfit. he has a beautiful smile and you wouldn't know by looking him what he's been through. Keep enjoying your time off-it will sadly be back to work soon-Jayte and need to make a calendar so we can start our official countdown to retirement-its right over the hill and around the bend (that tells you tis still not to soon).Like the updates don't worry so much if you can't get it done every week-you have better things to do :) Have a great week!!!! Dennis and the gang
    p.s Scott played very in his first varsity action-he starts at cornerback and made no mistakes and had a big pass breakup in the endzone that resulted in an interception for us-he also takes his official drivng test on 9-3-10