Sunday, August 8, 2010


This is the noise in my ear as I type this post... and I thought a mosquito buzzing in my ear was a nuisance! Other than the crying fits Owen is currently going through, this has been a pretty good week. Mr. Bubbles is still packing on the pounds and his neck is getting a lot stronger. It may take a few more months before he's actually able to support the entire weight of is large cranium. He's now up to 8 lbs and 21 inches long which puts him in the 3rd percentile. He's so close to setting a new littleness standard!

Finally, he's cried himself to sleep. As long as I don't move for the next hour we should be good!

oops... I moved, here we go again!!!

We went to the cardiologist for a follow up visit on Wed. and he was very happy with Owen's progress. He even said no more Lasix, so you know what that means... no more meds! The picture shows him getting an Echocardiogram. Looks complicated, but was very fast and painless :)

Since he's doing so well mom is starting to get a little more adventurous with the little guy and starting to take him out into the fresh air (no he hasn't been locked in the basement). He made his first trip to Heather's Cafe, had his first Gator ride at Grandma and Grandpa Leuzinger's, and even got to meet his cousins Jane and Evan for the first time today. Evan is only 3 months older but next to Owen he looks like he's five, or maybe it's Owen that looks like he's negative 2 months...

Owen has been a wonderful new addition to the family. I even cleaned poo off the bottom of his foot today, how's that for bonding?!?



  1. Well I must say the little guy is precious and definitely a fighter-i am amazed how he has gained the weight-I know he'll move up that percentile ladder-the scar looks very nice healing well-it is just amazing to us th elength of it-I bet he enjoyed being out in the fresh air-i continue to be a faithful blog follwer and pass the info on to the rest of the family who are always interested!!! Well on a side note mark has now had his girlfriend for seven monthes-also he turned 21 today so he can now use his ID instead of the fake one he has been using for two years(on that ID he was 22) Tell Andy keep up the good dad work and you the mom work also. dennis and the gang!!

  2. Looking good guys. He is so cute. Looks like you are enjoying him ....even the ahh ahhh ahhh. Someday I will meet him in person. Keep up the good work! Linda