Saturday, July 10, 2010

Projectile Pooping?!?

Really? Owen is quite the star with his bodily functions.  Within his first week home he has managed to freak mom out by peeing on his own face (earning him his first at home sponge bath).  I had no idea this was possible!  Also, I have heard of projectile vomiting, but never projectile pooping.  Sure enough Owen proved that it could be done!  I was focused on covering his first bout of diaper rash with a hefty layer of Desitin.  Luckily, I didn't get too close to inspect the affected area, because he quickly sent poo an astonishing 3 feet onto the wall next to our changing table.  I had to laugh at that one :)  Amazing little boy we have here! 

Things have been going well.  We did have a day where Owen was feeling pretty lazy and only taking 30 of the 55 mL's of breastmilk by bottle then counting on the tube to provide the rest.  I was a little concerned because he was very disinterested in eating and seemed to want to sleep all day.  Grandma Pat came over the next day and Owen took down both feedings for her by mouth.  YAY!  Since then he has been on a day and a half streak of not needing the tube!  Cross your fingers that this continues for us.  We have even been giving him meds by mouth, although he is not a big fan of the bright orange liquid vitamin and spit out most of it.  Each day we try a round of breastfeeding, but so far have been unsuccessful.  We try about 5-10 minutes each day and Owen (and mom) end up getting a little frustrated.  I wish we could figure this out, because it sure would shorten the whole feeding routine.  So until we can figure this out I will continue to pump every 3 hours for 20 minutes to maintain supply and to provide for his bottle feedings.  Pumping has almost become a full time job for me now.  Luckily, there are things like Hulu and Netflix to keep me occupied during this time :)

Owen's incision looks great!  A couple of the steri-strips have fallen off, so we were able to get a peek at Dr. Manning's handiwork.  Also part of Dr. Manning's handiwork was Owen's circumcision.  He took care of this the day before we were discharged from the hospital- Owen peed on him during the procedure too!  This is all healed now along with his umbilical cord area/belly button.  Now, he has a cute little innie :)

Andy took this picture this morning.  We have to elevate one end of Owen's bed so he can breathe and digest better.  It hasn't really been a problem so far.  Andy went in to check on him today and he had slid out the bottom of his swaddling blanket and had his face covered.  I think we are trying to do with out the blanket now for fear that he may suffocate himself.  I hear they make straps to keep the baby from sliding down the bed- anyone have any experience with these?  I am not sure the SIDS people will be a big fan of this picture... but in our defense, he is on his back!  Back is best :)


  1. Hi Kris and Andy and Owen - it is great to hear you are all doing well at home and YAY for getting better and better at feeding every day! What a champ! I will miss having family at work on my Fridays at the main hospital, but I will manage! :0) Take care and keep up that great work - the days are long, but all added up, the years are guys are an inspiration! Karen
    PS - coffee is good for lack of sleep, but I recommend NAPS (Andy - take a 20 minute siesta at work as often as possible...I remember those days!)

  2. I've been catching up on all your posts! Very entertaining! So glad to hear you are home and that Owen is getting stronger! Do you have one of those velcro swaddlers? Those worked well for my boys and kept them very snug! I had to elevate the mattress for Rylan. He would always end up on the side of the bed, so I got one of those sleep positioners. It has pads on each side, and you lay him between the pads. I also ended up having to sleep Ry on his side (doctor's orders!!) and it helped keep him in place. That might work, then again, maybe not! Keep up the good work! My prayers are with you all! <3 Devon

  3. Hi Kristen! So Glad that everything is going well. I had to elevate Mekenzie's mattress also. I would roll up baby blankets and position them around her holding her in place. I would make sure to put a larger rolled up blanket at the bottom, so she wouldn't slide all the way down the mattress. I tried to make it like the little things that had at the NICU. At Miami Valley they called them "cat beds". (They were not really cat beds). You probably know what I mean. The things that wrap around them to keep them in place in the incubator. Hope this helps. I also put Mekenzie on her side to sleep. The doctors suggested that to me as well. I laughed out loud at the projectile poop. Hang in there with the pumping. I know that it is so hard to do. When Mekenzie was in the NICU is seemed like my whole day was spent pumping. It gets very frustrating. She never did really take to breast feeding and I eventually had to stop trying. Good Luck and Congratulations!!! Carly

  4. Thank you for the wonderful suggestions! Carly- we got to take the 'cat bed' (they called it the Z-FLO) with us. It was a nice bonus! Andy wants to use it as a pillow when Owen is done with it :) We are using it currently as a bolster so he doesn't roll all the way down the bed. Devon- we just got out the sleep positioner and are going to try that tonight. Also, Carly, thanks for the positive words about pumping. It is exhausting. It seems like whenever I say I am going to go do something, like eat, nap, take a shower, have someone visit... I am always saying, "I can't do that right now, because I have to pump." It has been wonderful to have the help of Grandmas the first week and a half home, because without them all I would be doing is feeding Owen, pumping, changing his diaper, washing all of the bottle feeding equipment, and starting over. Karen- we missed you this past Friday, but would rather be at home and not the hospital. It was great seeing you there though!

    Thanks everyone for the tips!

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