Saturday, July 31, 2010

6 weeks- growing!

Owen made his 3rd trip to the pediatrician last week. He is 7 pounds 9 ounces and 20 inches long! Gained 1 and 1/2 pounds in a week and a half. He must be getting enough food. The nursing has been hit or miss, but good lately. Owen's perfectionist momma wants him to get a 'perfect latch' before proceeding, but the lactation lady says it is fine as long as it doesn't hurt and he is getting food. Things have been better since I have eased up a little. We also took a day and a half break to regain our confidence in this important endeavor. It really helped us both :)

Andy went out of town this weekend to a friend's wedding in Connecticut. We haved missed him since he left :( Come back soon Daddy!

A few milestones are starting to happen:
- 2 weeks- Owen was following our voices and faces with his eyes, grasped our finger tightly
- 3 weeks- Began to smile because of gas I guess- even chuckled a couple times
- 4 weeks- Lifting his head a bit during tummy time and getting stronger
- 5 weeks- Owen truly smiled at me- during nursing to tell me that he wasn't going to latch and I couldn't make him... he is in control. Owen also loves to be outside, the cicada sounds are soothing and he likes to be toasty warm like his mommy
- 6 weeks- beginning to grab at things in his play area, also grabbed onto a diaper and held on for a bit today

So glad Owen is doing well. He is a saint during the nighttime (hoping that complementing him publicly on this will encourage it to continue!) He wakes up for food every 3 hours and goes right back to sleep after diaper change. Starts to make little noises a few minutes before he is starving to give me time to get up and warm his bottle. Keep it up little guy!
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tube is Out! One Month Old!

On Monday, Owen's tube came out! He is very happy. So happy that he has increased the amount he takes by bottle from 60 mL to 80 mL. Quite the growth spurt he is going through! We met with a lactation consultant on Tuesday and Owen took 62 mL so we were given the go ahead to breastfeed 3 times per day. I wish we could have brought the lactation consultant home with us, because things haven't been as easy at home :( He doesn't have to work as hard with the bottle- it is there and comes out at a constant rate. Much easier than fighting to latch on! We are trying to be patient with one another and are determined to figure this out :)

Owen turned One Month on Wednesday. He looks great and we posted some pictures to prove it! Check out the photos on the right side of the screen. We are going to use his little car bean bag to show size perspective over the months- we hope it works out.

We are no longer elevating the bed and now using the SwaddleMe wrap at night, so our suffocation concerns have been alleviated. Thanks for the tips! No more projectile pooping stories, but Andy was peed on last night through the diaper! He was not very happy :(

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Entering the Heavyweight class

Owen weighed in at 6 pounds 4 ounces on Friday.  Everyone is quite impressed with this growth as he weighed 5 pounds 4 ounces when he was discharged 2 weeks ago.  His scar looks great!  We will post a picture of it with his one month pictures later on this week.  He will be one month old on Wednesday!  Time is already flying by.  I think Sundays are going to be our posting days- when Andy and I are both home.  So those of you checking frequently, I am sorry to have let you down recently.  Maybe with a consistent time set aside we will be able to keep up with it little more.

Owen just finished a feeding and Andy can't help but play 'bobble head' with our son and teach him killer dance moves.  It's pretty funny.  Don't worry, Owen is not being harmed by our humor...  Maybe this is why he is having some acid reflux issues :(  He did have his first spit up and first throw up this week.  Poor guy.  He is feeling much better though.  We are hoping the feeding tube can come out tomorrow when we go to our first cardiologist check up.  In the past 10 days, we have only had to use the tube ONE time and that was the day he spit up- so he was having an off day.  We are very proud of the little guy's progress with the bottle feeding!  He sure is making things easier for us :)  He also is sleeping at night between feedings, which is really helping us get a little more consistent sleep.  YAY!

Andy and I celebrate our 5 year anniversary on Wednesday (also Owen's one month bday).  We couldn't be happier with the new gift that has been added to our lives.  He sure is a little miracle!

Looking forward to posting tubeless pictures next week!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Projectile Pooping?!?

Really? Owen is quite the star with his bodily functions.  Within his first week home he has managed to freak mom out by peeing on his own face (earning him his first at home sponge bath).  I had no idea this was possible!  Also, I have heard of projectile vomiting, but never projectile pooping.  Sure enough Owen proved that it could be done!  I was focused on covering his first bout of diaper rash with a hefty layer of Desitin.  Luckily, I didn't get too close to inspect the affected area, because he quickly sent poo an astonishing 3 feet onto the wall next to our changing table.  I had to laugh at that one :)  Amazing little boy we have here! 

Things have been going well.  We did have a day where Owen was feeling pretty lazy and only taking 30 of the 55 mL's of breastmilk by bottle then counting on the tube to provide the rest.  I was a little concerned because he was very disinterested in eating and seemed to want to sleep all day.  Grandma Pat came over the next day and Owen took down both feedings for her by mouth.  YAY!  Since then he has been on a day and a half streak of not needing the tube!  Cross your fingers that this continues for us.  We have even been giving him meds by mouth, although he is not a big fan of the bright orange liquid vitamin and spit out most of it.  Each day we try a round of breastfeeding, but so far have been unsuccessful.  We try about 5-10 minutes each day and Owen (and mom) end up getting a little frustrated.  I wish we could figure this out, because it sure would shorten the whole feeding routine.  So until we can figure this out I will continue to pump every 3 hours for 20 minutes to maintain supply and to provide for his bottle feedings.  Pumping has almost become a full time job for me now.  Luckily, there are things like Hulu and Netflix to keep me occupied during this time :)

Owen's incision looks great!  A couple of the steri-strips have fallen off, so we were able to get a peek at Dr. Manning's handiwork.  Also part of Dr. Manning's handiwork was Owen's circumcision.  He took care of this the day before we were discharged from the hospital- Owen peed on him during the procedure too!  This is all healed now along with his umbilical cord area/belly button.  Now, he has a cute little innie :)

Andy took this picture this morning.  We have to elevate one end of Owen's bed so he can breathe and digest better.  It hasn't really been a problem so far.  Andy went in to check on him today and he had slid out the bottom of his swaddling blanket and had his face covered.  I think we are trying to do with out the blanket now for fear that he may suffocate himself.  I hear they make straps to keep the baby from sliding down the bed- anyone have any experience with these?  I am not sure the SIDS people will be a big fan of this picture... but in our defense, he is on his back!  Back is best :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First Pediatrician Appointment

Owen was kind of a chick magnet at his first doctor's appointment.  All of the nurses were mesmerized by his thick head of hair.  He did very well for the doctor.  He weighed 5 pounds and 9 ounces and was 19 and 1/4 inches.  He is showing progress, so that is great.  It must have something to do with him improving on his feedings... I guess our hard work is paying off :)   The doctor said his NG tube would not be able to come out until Owen consistently (for a week or more) takes down all of his milk by bottle.  He said it is better to leave it in longer, just in case he were to backtrack on his progress.  I would agree since I would be the one putting it back in if he needed it again.  I asked about when Owen would be able to be around other kids and the general public and the doctor told me this:  If Owen developed a fever over 100.4 F in the two months following surgery, he would be automatically admitted to the hospital again.  He would have another IV inserted in his arm for fluids and blood draws.  A spinal tap would be done to check for meningitis and a catheter would be reinserted.  He would be monitored for some time just to make sure the fever was not related to an infection at his surgery site.  This does not sound like a good time for any of us, so for now the visitor list for Owen is strictly limited to healthy adults that wash their hands before they touch the little guy.

Last night, Grandma Pat took the night shift for Andy and me.  It was nice to have a helping hand 2 nights in a row.  Andy still can't manage to get a good nights rest and is considering taking up coffee drinking... even though he can't stand the taste.  Any other suggestions for him?  Andy and I were used to a solid 9 hours of sleep a night, pre-Owen, so I think we have some serious adjusting to do.

We have learned very quickly that Owen always needs a cloth over his pee-pee during diaper changes.  He enjoys peeing on doctors and Grandma Pat the most.  We are learning new things every day!  Owen is showing a bit of his personality.  I swear he was giggling today while smiling!  It made me laugh pretty hard.  It's those moments that make it pretty tough to get upset at the little guy when he is up during the night crying nonstop.  Hope everyone is doing well!  Until next time....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dad goes back to work...

Today has been a great day so far.  Andy went back to work, so it is just Owen and me at home.  We miss Andy already :(  Grandma D was a wonderful house guest last night, waking up with Owen throughout the night for feedings.  He was a perfect angel for her- no 9-12 fussiness and took down all 55 mL of milk at each feeding for her!  Thanks Grandma :)  Owen and I figured out the Moby Wrap (after a nice tutorial from Aunt Leah) and went for a walk in the neighborhood this morning before it got too hot.  It was nice to get some fresh air.  Owen can't wait to play outside and explore the woods in the back yard!  Right now he is sound asleep.  We had our first at home nurse from Cincy Children's visit on Saturday and she said Owen looked great!  He weighed 5 lbs 7 oz.- almost back to birth weight again.  She will visit twice a week for a couple weeks to make sure he is staying healthy and gaining adequate weight.  Owen has his first checkup with the Pediatrician today.  Grandma Pat is going with me to help out.  Grandmas are great, aren't they?  We'll let you know how it goes today at the Doctor.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th! Sorry about the lack of postings...

It has been a busy couple of days. I hope we did not worry anyone (Jessie & Jayte...).  We have loved having Owen home and are trying to get into the groove of being parents.  We have discovered that just as we have read about, Owen has a "witching hour" from 9-12 at night, just when Mom and Dad want to head to bed :(  He has been doing very well, sleeping a lot and still working on building endurance with the bottle feedings.  Yesterday he hit an all time high of 25 mL by bottle!  Today he has been a little worn out from his big first day home and hasn't been taking as much from the bottle.  If it were up to him he would sleep through all of his feedings, but the nutritionist says he has to wake up every 3 hours.  Whatever Owen does not take by mouth, we send down the tube.  We are both becoming pros at the tube feedings, but hope it is gone soon.  We just hope his endurance picks up!  Andy heads back to work Tuesday and we will really miss having him around during the day :(  He is a great dad and loves to hold Owen as much as possible.  We will try to keep up the posts and pictures as much as possible.  Again, we really appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers.  He is a very strong kiddo and we are very blessed to have all of you cheering him on!  Hope everyone has a great Fourth of July with friends and families!  Thanks to Mary for the awesome 4th of July outfit for little Owen :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

guess what.....

WE'RE HOME!!! Owen finally made the trip back with us. He slept the whole way home and mom fell asleep halfway there. He still has his feeding tube in since he gets too tired to take a whole bottle. Mom had to learn how to put the tube in this morning just in case he decides he wants to pull it out. Since we've been home we successfully completed an at home bottle/tube feeding session and we were also able to get food in our own stomaches. Monty and Mayo were also extremely exited to meet their new friend.

WiFi capable

Owen is now wireless. With no sensors and wires holding us down we are finally able to walk around with the little guy! He took another 17 mL from the bottle this morning, so he's working his way towards becoming a competitive eater (we'll see if he is able to eventually out pace his dad). He looks great and the doctors say he now looks like a normal healthy boy. It won't be much longer until we're able to go home!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

another new day

Owen's breathing is improving every day. They took him completely off the oxygen this morning and so far so good. They just took him down to take another look at his lungs and make sure his lungs are still lookngi okay. They are also going to take him off the pump feeding and move him to a gravity feed. This will shorten the amount of time it takes to feed him and give longer breaks between the feedings, so hopefully he'll be more apt to take the bottle.