Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Updated Surgery Plans

We just met with the surgeon and he went through all the results of Owen's tests and the plan for the 9 am surgery tomorrow. There's quite a bit more than initially expected, so here's the skinny.... The coarctation is still present as expected, but he also has hypoplasia of the arotic arch which is a narrowing further back in the aorta which is causing an even greater restriction of blood flow to his body. Because of this restriction his aortic valve is smaller than normal, but it's expected to grow once they fix the arch and the heart starts working as it normally should. They also found a ventrictular septal defect (VSD) which is small hole between the left and right ventrical. The hole is in a different spot than they normally see and is small enough that it may eventually close on its own, so they are not going to try and repair it during the surgery. Depending on how everything looks they may put a small band around the pulmonary artery to try and increase the pressure inside the right ventricle. The band would be put on with self dissolving stitches and should dissolve within 6 months. The initial plan was to go in from the side, but since the procedure to fix the coarc and the hypoplasia will be a little more intensive they need to go in from the front. He will also be put on a heart lung bypass during the surgery which was also not in the original plan. Once out he's expected to stay in the intensive care unit for 3-4 days.

It sounds like mom may be released tomorrow so hopefully she'll be able to make it down by the time Owen comes out of surgery.

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