Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time to call it a night...

Owen is still doing great. Nurses and doctors and have been in and out checking on him all evening. They've been giving him a few different drugs to keep his potassium, blood pressure, and acidic levels in check, but nothing out of the ordinary. They are going to run some more test through the night but all signs are positive and they may even be able to take his breathing tube out early tomorrow morning, which would be we could finally get some food in that stomach tomorrow afternoon! Have a good night everyone and get some sleep for me while you're at it!


  1. Go Owen! The Rizzo's are our neighbors and told us about little Owen. Our oldest son, Will (8) had transposition and coarctation - Dr. Manning was his surgeon and is a miracle worker! Please call if you'd like to talk - you're in our prayers. Rick & Kami Bachman

  2. Wow, what a day. Thank you for the updates. The pictures of Owen are precious! Jayte would text me after each of today's updates so I could keep up with Owen's progress. You have one amazing son! He has two wonderful parents! Your family continues to be in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you got a little sleep tonight...