Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Surgery Update

We have not talked to the surgeon yet, but they have move his surgery from today to tomorrow morning. All we know at this point is they moved it because it will be a little more intensive than what was originally planned. There is a longer narrowing section of the Aorta, so instead of just cutting out the pinched section they are going to need to put a patch in to open up the narrowing. Since they are going to use a patch I don't know if it could cause complications down the road since it doesn't grow with him. Once we talk to the surgeon we should be able to post a little more detail. It doesn't sound like much more will happen today, but I will try to get some pictures posted.

Mom is well, but she's still up at Miami Valley. She's recovering nicely and may get discharged tomorrow so she will hopefully be able to see him as soon as Owen comes out of surgery.

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