Saturday, June 26, 2010

still on the breathing tube...

Sorry we didn't post earlier today, but I've been waiting on news on when the breathing tube is coming out, but still no definite answer. Last night they weaned him off all his drugs and they took his chest tube out this morning. He's been getting a little blood in his breathing tube since the surgery and they wanted to put a scope down it before taking it out so they could see where the blood was coming from. They didn't see in abrasions in his air passage and it didn't look like it was coming from his lungs so they think it may be draining from his throat somewhere and they can't see it because of the breathing tube. While they where using the scope he got a small air bubble outside of his left lung and they tried to take care of it with a needle, but they need to do another x-ray here in a little bit to see if they got it. If not they'll need to put another tube in him to get it out, so hopefully the needle got all the air. We'll post again later this evening to let you know how it went and if they are able to eventually get the air tube out.

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