Friday, June 25, 2010

New pics posted

A few new pictures have been posted but there is a disclaimer.  One picture of the incision has been posted so if you are the faint of heart you may want to skip that one, but honestly it's not too bad.

Also, we have enjoyed reading everyone's comments.  We know Owen really enjoys them!  He says thanks!  We have modified some of the settings so those of you that have given us feedback about posting comments should now be able to successfully post.  So, post away...  Remember Owen likes it~  Have a good night everyone :)


  1. Love the peace hat and Miami socks. So glad that Owen is making steady progress. Hope his parents are taking care of themselves too!

  2. Love the socks!! The little guy is obviously doing great....time to take care of yourselves now. Aunt Margaret

  3. Yeah for OWEN!!! He truly is a fighter :)
    Hope you guys are getting some sleep!
    - Travis, Colleen, & Tre

  4. Thank you for all the updates- what a beautiful baby- glad to hear things are going well.


  5. So glad to hear that Owen is making progress. He is absolutely adorable!! You have taken some great photos! My prayers are with you! -Devon

  6. Thanks for all the info on little Owen. He is a very handsome young man. Our prayers are with you.
    Great Aunt Donna