Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mr. Bubbles

Yes the breathing tube is still in. After the last chest x-ray the air bubble they initially saw was taken care of by extracting it with the needle, but another one formed a little below where the last was (hence his new nickname: Mr. Bubbles). They didn't want to stick him with another needle so they are waiting a while to see if this one goes away on it's own since it's a little smaller than the last. They were going to run another x-ray at 9, but all his vitals are stable so they are going to wait until morning to do another. If all is clear then 2 thumbs up, otherwise they will put in another, but smaller, chest tube to help relieve the pressure around his lung and keep the bubble from forming. This way they will be able to continually drain the air if another forms. So it sounds like he's good for the night. No more poking and prodding for a few hours!

Sorry no new pics tonight. We wanted to post some new ones without the tube, but since it's still in the pictures would be pretty much the same as last nights.

Kris's case of SFS has also gone from severe to mild so everyone seems to have had some improvements today! Too bad the US couldn't pull out a win against Ghana :(

Good night and remember to stay classy.

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  1. Mr. Bubbles! I believe we have a lasting nickname! Glad there have been improvements all the way around. Take care of yourselves.