Thursday, June 24, 2010

The morning after

During the night Owen's blood pressure and heart rate dipped a little bit, so they put him back on EPI to bring them them back up. His potassium levels have also been a little low throughout so they are still working on that. He's also not peeing as much as they'd like to see, so I think they may give him something to get him to pee more. They sometimes see this as a result to being on bypass, and could be due to his kidneys. He still looks great and the plan is to still get that breathing tube out today.

Kris got to go home last night and sleep in a comfy bed (lucky), but she'll be back down in a little while. She's doing great as well. She's made great improvements everyday, but I still have to push her around in a wheel chair. Maybe once she's able to walk around we'll reverse roles and I'll let her wheel me around some...

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