Monday, June 28, 2010

it's been another good day

Owen has been in a food coma for the better part of the day and has only opened his eyes a few times. He's getting ready to hit his maximum food intake of 15 mL an hour through his feeding tube. He even got to eat a little through a bottle, which was just the nipple and a syringe of milk. The OT/PT team will be back tomorrow to work with him a little more and see if he continues to pick up eating through the mouth as most of us normally do. He also just got his arterial line removed so that's one less thing sticking him and the board is no longer on his arm. He now has both arms free, but to keep him from pulling the oxygen and feeding tubes out of his nose they put socks on his hands. Owen also had another heart echo today and all the repairs from surgery look great. There is no sign of the VSD (hole between the heart walls) that was there in the initial echo, so his heart is getting stronger every day.

We head home again tonight, leaving him listening to the soothing sounds of Enya. We look forward to tomorrow when he will hopefully be released from the CICU and taken to the step down unit. Once there, the heart lines might be able to come out and we should be able to hold him again... Yippee! So we bid you all adieu for the night and look forward to what tomorrow brings.


  1. Owen you are awesome. xox Grandma D.

  2. I so look forward to reading your blog every morning... it starts my day off with a smile and feeling wonderful! Keep up the good work, Owen! (um, and Mommy and Daddy!)
    Love, Auntie M