Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The beginning...

We found out March 25th (26 weeks pregnant) that Owen has a tiny heart defect called Coarctation of the Aorta (CoA). It means that his aorta is too narrow in a section and pinched, restricting blood flow. This will prevent good blood flow after birth- right now he is fine because I am doing most of the pumping for him and he bypasses this area using a Ductus passage while in utero. We will deliver at Miami Valley Hospital in their special care nursery. They do a echo-cardiogram when he is born to figure out his status and give him an umbilical IV of Prostaglandin to keep his flow the same as in the womb for a couple of days. After that they will transfer him to Cincinnati Children's for a closed heart surgery- possibly 1-2 days later (when he is stable). His recovery time at Children's could be 1-2 weeks, depending on his feeding habits. He won't need to take medications and shouldn't need additional surgeries in life. He also should be able to do normal activities like every other kid :) We have stayed very positive throughout this whole ordeal- there was a lot of speculating and waiting during the process, but we are very happy to have some answers this early on :) He will be a strong little kid! Also, his growth has improved- 5 lbs 3 oz as of 36 weeks... so we are hoping this continues! Only 12 days until we meet the little guy :)

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