Friday, June 25, 2010

2 days after surgery

Little Owen is doing much better today. His swelling has gone down immensely, his glucose levels have leveled off so he's off the insulin, and he's much more alert. Seeing him more alert is a little sad though because he's been making a lot of painful faces this morning. His heart rate is also fantastic. When he came in to Childrens his heart was beating around 110 - 116 bpm with a lot of fluctuation, same as yesterday, and today he's holding steady in the mid 140s (I think the average for his age is around 160 but every kid has a different rhythm). He's still on the breathing tube and he's expected to keep it in for the next day. After giving him so many fluids yesterday he has a little in his lungs, so they want to keep it in to help drain some of that fluid out. His urine output has also increased by so much the catheter cannot keep up with him so they've had to change a few diapers. It also sounds like they are going to try and give him a little food through his nose tube this afternoon. We brought in some hats and stuff so we'll try to take some fun pictures today and post them tonight.

Mom is also doing a lot better, she's up and walking around on her own a lot more so I don't have to cart her around as much! She took a turn and spent the night here last night and probably still got a better night sleep than me! Owen finally opened his eyes for mom last night so she stayed up late to spend some quality time with him. Hopefully this isn't a precursor to him staying up all night!

We are probably going to go to 2 updates a day since not much is changing throughout the day with new pictures in the evening. But of course if something big changes we'll update right away.

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