Monday, June 28, 2010

1 week old

It's Mr. Bubbles one week birthday and he's been nice and quiet so far this morning.... probably has something to do with finally having some food in his belly. They started him on 2mL of milk an hour last night and he's already up to 9mL. His goal is 15mL by the end of the day. As they increase the milk they will decrease the supplemental nutrients and he should be off all the supplements by the end of the day. Their goal is to get the arterial lines (lines going directly to his heart) out by tomorrow morning so we'll finally be able to hold him again! They are also hoping he will be ready to be transitioned out of the CICU (Cardiac Intensive Care Unit) and down to the step down unit tomorrow.

Mom is finally out of the wheelchair and walking around on her own. We both got a wonderful night of sleep last night in our bed and we are now rested and ready for another great day with little O.

We posted 5 more pictures from bath time last night. No new hairdo pics. His hair was nice and soft so we didn't want to mess that up by try to style it.


  1. Happy 1 week Birthday, Owen!! You are amazing!
    (and so are your Mommy and Daddy!)

  2. Happy Birthday Owen.
    Such good news this morning. I'm not sure I can stay away today.

  3. Hi and Happy Birthday! I just got in town and read all the posts and looked at all of the pictures! Owen is so adorable! It is so good to hear your wonderful news and see the great pictures. Take Care! Sarah Pecor

  4. Happy Birthday OWEN :)

    - Travis, Colleen, & Tre

  5. Happy 1st week birthday, Owen! You are an amazing little boy!

  6. So glad that things are going well. He looks so precious. Let me know when he is taking admirer's I'd like to come by and meet him.

    Heather Bradshaw