Wednesday, June 30, 2010

chug chug chug

Owen took down a massive 17mL of milk in a mind boggling 2o minutes. This is a major accomplishment since the previous tries have not been all to successful. He does still have the feeding tube in, but the goal is to get that out so mom and dad do not need to worry about learning how to put another NG tube in when we take him home. I would hate to have to puree broccoli and push it in through his nose tube... wait that may not be such a bad idea.

His breathing has also calmed down quite a bit and he seems to be breathing much better than last night. His lung x-ray from this morning looked good and his heart stats are also on the up and up. They tried to take him completely off the oxygen this morning, but he didn't take to well to that, so they turned it back on shortly after it went off. He's only on an 1/8th a liter so it's not too much.

BTW, for those of you who were worried about mom's SFS it has completely cleared.

wide awake

He's been wide awake so far this morning. He's been having a little trouble breathing the past day and a half, but he seems to be doing a little better this morning. He's also go some of his strength back, so hopefully he'll try to take the bottle today. OT/PT will be here to try again in the next 20 min or so.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

there she blows!!!

Well, Owen had his first blowout early this morning and boy am I glad I wasn't here for that! It sounds like the entire bed was a mess. He is officially out of the CICU and no longer has any needles, pokies, or other foreign objects stuck in him (other than the feeding tube and oxygen prong thingy). Since the heart lines are out we are finally able to hold him again so that’s been nice.OT/PT came back again today to work on the feeding, but Owen didn't want to have anything to do with the bottle. Hopefully, he picks up on it quickly because I don't want to have to take him home with the feeding tube still in. It sounds like they do send quite a few kids home with the tube, but we're not so excited about the prospect of that happening. The doctor visits today and been non stop.As soon as one leaves another is in 5 minutes later… I think they are trying to get us outta here asap. We could be going home as early as Thursday. Anyone out there want to start up a fund for us to pay one of the nurses to come home with us… anyone… anyone… Bueller?

Monday, June 28, 2010

it's been another good day

Owen has been in a food coma for the better part of the day and has only opened his eyes a few times. He's getting ready to hit his maximum food intake of 15 mL an hour through his feeding tube. He even got to eat a little through a bottle, which was just the nipple and a syringe of milk. The OT/PT team will be back tomorrow to work with him a little more and see if he continues to pick up eating through the mouth as most of us normally do. He also just got his arterial line removed so that's one less thing sticking him and the board is no longer on his arm. He now has both arms free, but to keep him from pulling the oxygen and feeding tubes out of his nose they put socks on his hands. Owen also had another heart echo today and all the repairs from surgery look great. There is no sign of the VSD (hole between the heart walls) that was there in the initial echo, so his heart is getting stronger every day.

We head home again tonight, leaving him listening to the soothing sounds of Enya. We look forward to tomorrow when he will hopefully be released from the CICU and taken to the step down unit. Once there, the heart lines might be able to come out and we should be able to hold him again... Yippee! So we bid you all adieu for the night and look forward to what tomorrow brings.

1 week old

It's Mr. Bubbles one week birthday and he's been nice and quiet so far this morning.... probably has something to do with finally having some food in his belly. They started him on 2mL of milk an hour last night and he's already up to 9mL. His goal is 15mL by the end of the day. As they increase the milk they will decrease the supplemental nutrients and he should be off all the supplements by the end of the day. Their goal is to get the arterial lines (lines going directly to his heart) out by tomorrow morning so we'll finally be able to hold him again! They are also hoping he will be ready to be transitioned out of the CICU (Cardiac Intensive Care Unit) and down to the step down unit tomorrow.

Mom is finally out of the wheelchair and walking around on her own. We both got a wonderful night of sleep last night in our bed and we are now rested and ready for another great day with little O.

We posted 5 more pictures from bath time last night. No new hairdo pics. His hair was nice and soft so we didn't want to mess that up by try to style it.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

just another lazy sunday...

From Life of Owen

It's been an exciting day for Owen. He finally got the tube out, the bandage in the incision site came off, and he's finally getting some food in his belly. Now that he can finally cry he's been testing out his vocal cords quite a bit today. Unless your standing by his bed letting him hold your finger, he's working those lungs. When the breathing tube first came out he sounded like a little duck. Kris thought we should give him a new nickname, but I don't think there's anything better than Mr. Bubbles! We are also getting ready to give him a bath, so fun new hairdo pics may be coming in the near future. Since he's doing really well today I think we are going to call it an early night tonight and head home and try to get more than 6 hours of sleep.

A few more pictures have been loaded

and the tube is out!

Dr. Rounds

The Docs just came by and the plan for the day is to get that breathing tube out and get him some food. Once the tube comes out they may have the ENT (Ears Nose & Throat) team take a look at him if there are any issues. He still has a little blood coming out through the breathing tube, but they are convinced it's coming from somewhere higher up in his throat. The tube may actually be causing some irritation and be keeping the wound from healing, so hope the bleeding will hopefully stop shortly after it comes out. Once they finish rounds they will come back by (around 10) to take the tube out. Mr. Bubble's bubble has decreased in size by a little so it sounds like he won't need another tube stuck in him!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mr. Bubbles

Yes the breathing tube is still in. After the last chest x-ray the air bubble they initially saw was taken care of by extracting it with the needle, but another one formed a little below where the last was (hence his new nickname: Mr. Bubbles). They didn't want to stick him with another needle so they are waiting a while to see if this one goes away on it's own since it's a little smaller than the last. They were going to run another x-ray at 9, but all his vitals are stable so they are going to wait until morning to do another. If all is clear then 2 thumbs up, otherwise they will put in another, but smaller, chest tube to help relieve the pressure around his lung and keep the bubble from forming. This way they will be able to continually drain the air if another forms. So it sounds like he's good for the night. No more poking and prodding for a few hours!

Sorry no new pics tonight. We wanted to post some new ones without the tube, but since it's still in the pictures would be pretty much the same as last nights.

Kris's case of SFS has also gone from severe to mild so everyone seems to have had some improvements today! Too bad the US couldn't pull out a win against Ghana :(

Good night and remember to stay classy.

still on the breathing tube...

Sorry we didn't post earlier today, but I've been waiting on news on when the breathing tube is coming out, but still no definite answer. Last night they weaned him off all his drugs and they took his chest tube out this morning. He's been getting a little blood in his breathing tube since the surgery and they wanted to put a scope down it before taking it out so they could see where the blood was coming from. They didn't see in abrasions in his air passage and it didn't look like it was coming from his lungs so they think it may be draining from his throat somewhere and they can't see it because of the breathing tube. While they where using the scope he got a small air bubble outside of his left lung and they tried to take care of it with a needle, but they need to do another x-ray here in a little bit to see if they got it. If not they'll need to put another tube in him to get it out, so hopefully the needle got all the air. We'll post again later this evening to let you know how it went and if they are able to eventually get the air tube out.

Friday, June 25, 2010

New pics posted

A few new pictures have been posted but there is a disclaimer.  One picture of the incision has been posted so if you are the faint of heart you may want to skip that one, but honestly it's not too bad.

Also, we have enjoyed reading everyone's comments.  We know Owen really enjoys them!  He says thanks!  We have modified some of the settings so those of you that have given us feedback about posting comments should now be able to successfully post.  So, post away...  Remember Owen likes it~  Have a good night everyone :)

it's been a good day

Owen has been showing great progress today. They took his Foley and Umbilical Venus Catheters out, took him completely off the Insulin, EPI, and Calcium. He has a lot less fluid around his heart and he's breathing much better. They've also started to feed him a little through his nose tube. Depending on how things go tonight they may take out his breathing and chest tubes tomorrow morning.

Mom is suffering from SFS (Swollen Foot Syndrome) and will be spending the night in a comfy bed tonight while I take the night shift.

New pics will be uploaded shortly.

2 days after surgery

Little Owen is doing much better today. His swelling has gone down immensely, his glucose levels have leveled off so he's off the insulin, and he's much more alert. Seeing him more alert is a little sad though because he's been making a lot of painful faces this morning. His heart rate is also fantastic. When he came in to Childrens his heart was beating around 110 - 116 bpm with a lot of fluctuation, same as yesterday, and today he's holding steady in the mid 140s (I think the average for his age is around 160 but every kid has a different rhythm). He's still on the breathing tube and he's expected to keep it in for the next day. After giving him so many fluids yesterday he has a little in his lungs, so they want to keep it in to help drain some of that fluid out. His urine output has also increased by so much the catheter cannot keep up with him so they've had to change a few diapers. It also sounds like they are going to try and give him a little food through his nose tube this afternoon. We brought in some hats and stuff so we'll try to take some fun pictures today and post them tonight.

Mom is also doing a lot better, she's up and walking around on her own a lot more so I don't have to cart her around as much! She took a turn and spent the night here last night and probably still got a better night sleep than me! Owen finally opened his eyes for mom last night so she stayed up late to spend some quality time with him. Hopefully this isn't a precursor to him staying up all night!

We are probably going to go to 2 updates a day since not much is changing throughout the day with new pictures in the evening. But of course if something big changes we'll update right away.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Pics!

A few more pictures for your enjoyment have been loaded.

Not too much new

Owen is still doing great.  Now that they've reduced his fentanyl dosage he's a little more lively.  He's response to touch and even twitches and opened his eyes when Kris tries to take a picture and blinds him with the autofocus light and flash.  They are still trying to get his glucos levels in check with insulin, but everything else looks okay.  Both his heart and respritory rates have gone up since this morning.

Mom and dad are well... we each got a little sleep last night.  Mom is going to take the evening shift at the CICU and dad is going to relax and enjoy a Monk's Cafe (if you haven't tried one it's a must) on Heather's patio this evening.

Doctor rounds

The doctors are making their rounds and they just stopped by Owen's room. It doesn't sound like Owen is breathing enough on is own yet to take his tube out today. They are going to lower the dose of Fentanyl to wake him up a bit and see if they get get him breathing more on his own. Other than that all vitals are in the normal range, some on the low end, but all is well.

Just talked to mom and she's getting ready to head back down for the day.

The morning after

During the night Owen's blood pressure and heart rate dipped a little bit, so they put him back on EPI to bring them them back up. His potassium levels have also been a little low throughout so they are still working on that. He's also not peeing as much as they'd like to see, so I think they may give him something to get him to pee more. They sometimes see this as a result to being on bypass, and could be due to his kidneys. He still looks great and the plan is to still get that breathing tube out today.

Kris got to go home last night and sleep in a comfy bed (lucky), but she'll be back down in a little while. She's doing great as well. She's made great improvements everyday, but I still have to push her around in a wheel chair. Maybe once she's able to walk around we'll reverse roles and I'll let her wheel me around some...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Time to call it a night...

Owen is still doing great. Nurses and doctors and have been in and out checking on him all evening. They've been giving him a few different drugs to keep his potassium, blood pressure, and acidic levels in check, but nothing out of the ordinary. They are going to run some more test through the night but all signs are positive and they may even be able to take his breathing tube out early tomorrow morning, which would be we could finally get some food in that stomach tomorrow afternoon! Have a good night everyone and get some sleep for me while you're at it!

Back in Recovery

Owen has been back in the recovery for a couple hours now and he looks great. His feet look a lot more pink than they did before the surgery so it must be working! He has a bunch of tubes and such all over, but he looks great and all signs are still good. Dads starting to get little tired so he may try to find a dark corner in the hospital here soon and curl up into a ball and try to get some z's.

Be sure to check out the picture gallery by clicking on the picture of Kris to the right. We'll try to continue to load new pictures through the different stages. You can now also become a "follower" of this blog by clicking on the Follow link to the bottom of the right frame.

Thank you everyone for all your thoughts and prayers. We've had some people ask where they could send flowers, but we ask you to please not send any due to the CICU not allowing them (something to due with allergens and sick kids not getting along together).

Surgery a Success!

From Life of Owen

The surgeon (Dr. Manning- a great sport for this photo!) just came out and said they are finished! Everything went as expected and they did not end up putting in the band. They were able to fix the coarc and hypoplasia without a patch and the heart is working as it should. They will keep him sedated for the next day or so to keep a close eye on him and make sure his heart gets used to working with the new plumbing.

Couldn't ask for a better day... Owen's out of surgery and doing as well as he can and the US won their match!

Side note: Owen will not be accepting admirers for a few days so he can recover.

Round Three

The coarctation has been repaired :)  Owen is off of the heart/lung bypass machine and doing all of the work on his own again.  The nurse said if he was going to have a problem, it would have been when they took him off of bypass, but all of his vitals are fine.   They are currently making a decision about putting in the pulmonary band that Andy mentioned before.  If they decide against this, then they will close Owen up and send him to recovery.  They will let us know about their decision in about an hour.  Once they are finished, he will be taken back to his room to be watched carefully for about an hour before we are allowed to see him :)

Round two

The nurse came out to give us an update. They've started to work on his arch and he's still solid. There were no issues putting him on the bypass and it sounded like that's usually a pretty difficult period so everything seems to be going great. It'll be another hour or so for the next update.

I'm working on posting an album with plenty of pics so stay tuned....

Pictures of the Little Guy :)

Our First Family Photo :)
(Owen really likes to have his hand in front of his face- just like in his 3D picture!)

Round One

We got our first update call.  Owen went to sleep without any problems and all vital signs look great!  They just began the operation and we will hear back again around 11:30.  We appreciate all of the wonderful people out there with us in their thoughts and prayers.  The support for little Owen has been tremendous!  Thank you!!!

And now we wait

They just took Owen back to surgery, and they gave us a private waiting room with all the amenities we could need. It will be about six hours until we can see him again, but we'll be getting updates on his progress every hour and a half or so. He had his game face on as they wheeled him down the hall :)  Bring it, heart surgery!

Mom has escaped!

Not quite 48 hours after surgery mom has been discharged from MVH. She made it down here to Cincy Childrens at 6:30 and has been holding Owen ever since. We are getting ready to go down to the cafeteria to get some grub, so we'll check back in once Owen is off to surgery. Expected start time is around 9 am.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Updated Surgery Plans

We just met with the surgeon and he went through all the results of Owen's tests and the plan for the 9 am surgery tomorrow. There's quite a bit more than initially expected, so here's the skinny.... The coarctation is still present as expected, but he also has hypoplasia of the arotic arch which is a narrowing further back in the aorta which is causing an even greater restriction of blood flow to his body. Because of this restriction his aortic valve is smaller than normal, but it's expected to grow once they fix the arch and the heart starts working as it normally should. They also found a ventrictular septal defect (VSD) which is small hole between the left and right ventrical. The hole is in a different spot than they normally see and is small enough that it may eventually close on its own, so they are not going to try and repair it during the surgery. Depending on how everything looks they may put a small band around the pulmonary artery to try and increase the pressure inside the right ventricle. The band would be put on with self dissolving stitches and should dissolve within 6 months. The initial plan was to go in from the side, but since the procedure to fix the coarc and the hypoplasia will be a little more intensive they need to go in from the front. He will also be put on a heart lung bypass during the surgery which was also not in the original plan. Once out he's expected to stay in the intensive care unit for 3-4 days.

It sounds like mom may be released tomorrow so hopefully she'll be able to make it down by the time Owen comes out of surgery.

Surgery Update

We have not talked to the surgeon yet, but they have move his surgery from today to tomorrow morning. All we know at this point is they moved it because it will be a little more intensive than what was originally planned. There is a longer narrowing section of the Aorta, so instead of just cutting out the pinched section they are going to need to put a patch in to open up the narrowing. Since they are going to use a patch I don't know if it could cause complications down the road since it doesn't grow with him. Once we talk to the surgeon we should be able to post a little more detail. It doesn't sound like much more will happen today, but I will try to get some pictures posted.

Mom is well, but she's still up at Miami Valley. She's recovering nicely and may get discharged tomorrow so she will hopefully be able to see him as soon as Owen comes out of surgery.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Owen has arrived!

Owen Andrew Dursch was born this morning at 8:40 at Miami Valley Hospital.  He was 5 pounds 8 ounces, 18.5 inches tall and had a head full of hair.  Mom and dad only got to see him for a short bit before the doctors took him back to start running test on him (the wonderful nurse allowed mom to hold Owen for a bit before he was shipped off-YAY!). The doctors decided it was best to go ahead and get him to Cincy Children's, so the transport crew headed up shortly after he was born and Owen was on his first road trip by noon, but mom did get to hold him a little be before he was off.  Dad and Grandma D left for Cincy shortly after, while mom was stuck at MVH.  Once in Cincy, Owen underwent another barrage of testing and dad didn't get to see him again until around 4.  Around 6 we got news he was going to have his surgery tomorrow morning and we are able to get the surgeon we requested!  It all goes down around noon tomorrow and we should be able to see him 4 hours after he goes in.  Owen is taking it all like a champ and all the doctors says he's doing great.  If all goes well and he learns to eat fairly quickly he could be home within a week.  Right now he's getting sugar water through an IV and will be fed through a tube after the surgery.  I forgot to grab a USB cord to load pictures, but we'll try to get some posted ASAP.

Friday, June 11, 2010

3D picture! Owen @ 37 weeks

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Delivery Scheduled!

We are set to deliver at Miami Valley Hospital on June 21st at 8:30 a.m. We need to be there at 6:30 a.m.! Andy thinks it seems a little early, but I think he will be okay... we are meeting our son that day, so I think we can manage :) Dr. Patel will deliver and Dr. Dillon will do Owen's echo-cardiogram shortly after birth. Only 10 more days!!!

36 weeks! (now 37...)

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The beginning...

We found out March 25th (26 weeks pregnant) that Owen has a tiny heart defect called Coarctation of the Aorta (CoA). It means that his aorta is too narrow in a section and pinched, restricting blood flow. This will prevent good blood flow after birth- right now he is fine because I am doing most of the pumping for him and he bypasses this area using a Ductus passage while in utero. We will deliver at Miami Valley Hospital in their special care nursery. They do a echo-cardiogram when he is born to figure out his status and give him an umbilical IV of Prostaglandin to keep his flow the same as in the womb for a couple of days. After that they will transfer him to Cincinnati Children's for a closed heart surgery- possibly 1-2 days later (when he is stable). His recovery time at Children's could be 1-2 weeks, depending on his feeding habits. He won't need to take medications and shouldn't need additional surgeries in life. He also should be able to do normal activities like every other kid :) We have stayed very positive throughout this whole ordeal- there was a lot of speculating and waiting during the process, but we are very happy to have some answers this early on :) He will be a strong little kid! Also, his growth has improved- 5 lbs 3 oz as of 36 weeks... so we are hoping this continues! Only 12 days until we meet the little guy :)